Follow our step by step instructions to ensure you take the right measurements for your blinds.


Tip: Use a metal tape measure for better accuracy as plastic tape measures can stretch.


Firstly, decide whether you want your blinds to sit inside or outside the window recess.


Measuring inside a recess

Make sure to take note of any obstructions that may stop the blind from being lowered correctly, such as dado railings and tiling. You will need to take any obstructions into account to ensure a perfect fit for your blind

Make sure to take at least 3 measurements - and use the narrowest for the width and the shortest for the length, or drop. It's very important to measure at different points as not all windows are straight.

















Measuring outside a recess

Decide how far on each side of the window you would like the blind to overlap. We recommend at least 10cm on all sides. This prevents light filtering through and also accounts for the operating mechanism.

Always make a note of any obstructions that may get in the way of the blind hanging properly - such as radiators, door knobs and dead bolts.



















Tip: For better accuracy, use a metal tape measure, as plastic tape measures can stretch.


1) Measuring for width


Please note: for pencil pleat curtains we recommend double fullness, two times the width of the curtain track or pole. For Chrome Ring Top and Tab Top curtains we recommend one and a half to two times fullness.


That means...

If you were to purchase pencil pleat curtains for a 229cm pole we would advise buying 229cm curtains as the curtains are sold in pairs, with each measuring 229cm - which provides the recommended double fullness.


Remember: You're measuring the curtain pole or track NOT the window.

                      Always allow for overlap of 2.5 to 3cm allowing the curtains to close together helping prevent light                               leaks when closed.


Curtain Poles:









Curtain Tracks:

If you have a track with a centre overlap, measure for the track width and the overlap.












2) Measure the curtain heading


Now it's time to measure the overall curtain heading and measure the overall curtain length - from the top of the curtain to the finished length at the bottom.


Pencil Pleat Curtains: Pencil Pleat curtain tape has 3 rows for height setting. Please note the appropriate placement.


Curtain Poles:

















Curtain Tracks:


Tab Top & Chrome Ring Curtains: 











Measure from the top of the pole to desired length.